photo diary: julie & tara in vancouver

Julie and Tara, a couple writing friends from the States, came to visit Vancouver last week which means cue food, cue hang outs, and cue me being That Person who has to get a photo of everything (hey what can I say, I love my camera. Oh, and my friends too). Sarah H and I toured them around Lynn Valley aka Marvel At Nature 101 and Deep Cove aka Tara’s new favourite place in the world. We had tacos and walked by the waterfront with Kaya and visited Richmond Night Market with Grace where we indulged in everything from dill pickle and roasted garlic rotatoes to matcha soufflé pancakes topped with red bean and mochi. Here are a few snapshots from their visit :)


Shout out to Julie and Tara’s creepy Airbnb that cut power on the first night and this guy at the night market whose job it was to stand in the water and supervise these children peddling boats. They’re the real MVPs of the week!