retreat to lake tahoe (sort of)

Earlier this month, I went on a writing retreat to Lake Tahoe. Sort of. We were actually in Truckee which is more north of Tahoe, and the lake we visited was not, in fact, Lake Tahoe as I’d first believed. Truthfully, I spent the majority of the weekend not really knowing where I was. But that’s besides the point. The important thing is! I went on a retreat with some dear writing friends and this is a post to commemorate the wonderful time we had together. Cue photos.

I chose maybe the most inconvenient and convoluted way to get to my destination, but that too is besides the point. Let’s focus instead on the beautiful sunrise I caught from the airplane window on my first flight (ooo ahh). And look at the free biscuits and tea I got on my second flight (ooo ahh). And don’t forget the fancy Starbucks drink I got before my third flight, which I texted to my boyfriend to show him what a great time I’m having (oo- wait is that just water? …let’s move along).

All of the above was worth it when I reunited with with these ladies:


Hooray! Let the fun begin! But first, quick introductions.

Susan Lee: Writer of YA contemporary that is laugh out loud hilarious and hits you right in the feels. Follow her on Twitter.

Grace Shim: Writer of YA contemporary featuring Korean teens that make me go ‘omg that was ME in high school!’ Follow her on Twitter.

Jess Kim: Writer of MG contemporary that will make your heart grow three sizes like the Grinch. Follow her on Twitter and find her book Stand Up, Yumi Chung! (Kokila/Penguin, 2020) on Goodreads.

Julie Abe: Writer of MG fantasy but also pretty much everything else (she talented). Also the feeder of my Japanese snack addiction. Follow her on Twitter and find her book Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch (Little Brown, 2020) on Goodreads.

Three words to describe this weekend:

1) Inspiring. From story brainstorm sessions to talking about our personal writing journeys, dreams, pitfalls, and goals, I felt inspired to keep on keeping on and to write the stories of my heart. I’m grateful for friends who not only remind me to press on, but model it for me in the way they live their own lives.

2) Celebratory. This retreat was extra special because we got to celebrate Susan’s agent signing! Woohoo!! This calls for not one, but two cakes! Also, a big shoutout to Susan for being our amazing chef for the weekend. The photo on the right is of her cutting strawberries for us. Seriously, what did we do to deserve her?


3) Refreshing. There’s something about soaking in nature and the presence of good friends that is so rejuvenating. I said it before, but I’ll say it again. I’m so so grateful for these ladies. I’m also grateful for snow capped mountains, belly aching laughs, and cup ramen.

On that note, I’ll end with these photos from the lake that was not Lake Tahoe. Til next time!