Hi everybody! Welcome to my website. Though I’ve had a number of (shortly abandoned) blogs in the past, this is my first WEBSITE website and I give you all the warmest of welcomes. Thank you for visiting! -shakes virtual hands-

So who am I and what is this website all about?

I’m a writer. Specifically, I write Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction. You may be thinking Sweet! So can I read your book? The answer is no. No you cannot. At least not yet, that is! Hopefully one day you’ll be able to. I’m currently working on a Middle Grade fantasy project about a Korean inspired fairy land and am represented by literary agent Linda Epstein. But Sarah, I want to read your writing NOW!! Fear not, my friends, and thank you, I’m flattered. Come visit me on this space and I will entertain you with my blog posts in the meantime!

I’m a reader. As all writers are! I love reading, whether it be Middle Grade, Young Adult, Picture Book, Adult, Graphic Novel, what have you. These days I’ve also been really into reading cookbooks (and by that, I mean flipping through them and looking at the pictures). I post bookstagram photos of everything I read on my Instagram so visit me there if you are looking for recommendations or want to see what my latest read is.

I’m a shaved ice eater. My favourite dessert is ~ Korean shaved ice ~ aka BINGSU. To be honest though, I like all types of shaved ice. It doesn’t have to be from Korea, though that is my personal favourite. One day I aspire to go on a shaved ice world tour, traveling to different countries and documenting their shaved ice cafes, perhaps on this blog or in a YouTube documentary series called ‘Sarah Eats Shaved Ice’ or something like that. Hey, dream big or go home.

So there you have it! This site will mostly be dedicated to my writer life, though it may also end up being a space for me to share thoughts, musings, photos, and poetry as my heart desires. Whatever the case may be, you are always welcome here!